PERPI is the only non-profit market research umbrella association operating in Indonesia, incorporated in 2007. All Market research companies (excluding Non Profit) in Indonesia are eligible to become members. There are around 50 marketing research companies in Indonesia, and more than 90% are part of PERPI members. It represents a network of the companies and the experts of market research industry in Indonesia. In order to provide better data quality, all members adhere to a code of ethics in marketing research association.

Spending in 2016 about US$132 mio in revenue. The industry  employs more than 10,000 workers with 70% are high school  graduates from 34 provinces. The main challenge of thetalents. PERPI believes that making connections are the best leindustry is to gain more local expertise and develop new CIDway to develop a strong message about what market research  is and how it can help. PERPI regularly brings together its  members to discuss changes and developments in the  industry, discuss country-specific trends and leads, and actively  help agencies orientate their research through meaningful  discussion, training sessions and workshop.

These activities enrich the Marketing researcher talents, and to become responsive specifically to Indonesia through developing their knowledge of the country and showing a willingness to innovate.

All members gather bimonthly in a breakfast meeting session to discuss and share their experience in boosting the MR industry in addition to always inviting external speakers to understand more the market and to ensure market research industry always align with the business dynamic.

PERPI is also member of APRC (Asia Pacific Research Committee) and GRBN (Global Research Business Network) and partnering closely with ESOMAR
PERPI has more than 30 market research company members.
PERPI has 10 years of experience