Minutes of Meeting PERPI Committee – January, 15 2013

Place : Café Betawi, Pacific Place.

Present : Yanti Nisro, Aryo Sayoga, Zulkifli, Kelik Hardjono, Sjafril Djalal

Meeting Focus:

1. Introduction Pak Zulkifli with Pak Aryo (Subtube) for managing PERPI Website

2. Discussion about Curriculum for Training and Seminar

Meeting with Pak Aryo start at 13.30 and finished by an hour, then the meeting continues to discuss Curriculum for Training and Seminar. The meeting concludes the following items:

  1. Curriculum as the foundation to develop training topics. Mas Kelik will share the curriculum with other committee by 23th January and get commitment from the trainers by mid of February.
  2. For Basic Level 1, the main focus is on introducing the basics of marketing, such as 5P, as well as laying the foundations of understanding for Marketing Research.
  3. Then for Basic Level 2 more on development and application of Basic 1, including a case study to find out how far Basic Training Level 1 has been understood. Basic Level 2 will be split between the Quantitative and Qualitative.
  4. For Intermediate Training, will do the same thing as the Basic 1 and Basic 2
  5. Plan to develop guideline for each discussion per curriculum, as a guidance for trainer to discuss the same thing
  6. The trainers will be sought that actually has passion to develop the skills of young researcher, and purely promote Market Research Industry in Indonesia.

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