Our Charter

  1. To bring together all the people & organizations operating in the Indonesian market research industry together under a single platform
  2. Be the coordinating institution that champions the cause of developing the Indonesian market research industry both domestically and internationally
  3. To continuously develop, train & up-skill the knowledge levels of the constituent members by organizing training programs, seminars, panel discussions etc so that the Indonesian MR industry is not only up to date, but at the cutting edge of the marketing world.
  4. To develop, monitor and enforce a commonly established Code of Conduct so that the Indonesian MR industry encompasses & practices the best standards of Professional Ethics and Quality Control.
  5. Set up a platform wherein all the members can regularly get together to discuss, debate and take some collective actions on topics & issues that affect the industry.
  6. To be the forum that brings together & represents the collective interests/ point of view of the industry to the government and other organizations if and when the need arises
  7. To introduce & promote the market research industry/practice to the General public, Students, Government departments/ organization with the view to creating a better understanding of the profession and to also create an appeal for people to come & join the MR industry
  8. Overall, also to increase charity activities, education and other such activities by its members for public benefits